Day 2

Hiya! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Finals are done and I passed with A’s (woot woot!) so now maybe, just maybe things will get more regular. So, on to day two!

Day 2: The best thing that happened all week.

Hmm…… I think I got one.

So, I take a JROTC class and every Wednesday is uniform day. Back in August the week before school started, I went in to get my uniform and all the fancy stuffs that go with it. When I was getting sized for pants, the girl who was helping asked me if I planned on growing this year. I laughed and said I hoped so, which made her laugh, seeing as I was barely under five feet tall. Well, turns out my wish came true, as I needed to get longer pants a few months later, because I had grown about two or so inches. I went in yet again to get new pants. Looking back, I should have looked beforehand where my shoes went up to on my foot, because I ended up getting pants that were barely long enough, but I didn’t care at the time. It had been quite a hassle getting my old ones dry cleaned, returning them (after forgetting to bring them to school on many days *facepalm*) and setting up a time to get new ones. About a month later, my teacher asked me if I would have time to come in after school to get new ones again. I’ve been wanting to grow more for years, and when I finally do it’s at the most inconvenient time – typical!  After not finding a pair that fit in the waist and length out of the pants they already had, they got a super long pair to be hemmed at my height. They then had to get them hemmed. Our last uniform day for 2018 was mid-December, and yesterday was the first uniform day of the year. Well, I got my new hemmed pants last week and I got to wear fitting pants for the first time in months. It was so drafty when they were short, what with it being winter and such. It feels so nice and is way more comfortable! Anyways, that was probably the best thing this week, along with soccer in P.E. (not that I’m super good, it’s just fun:)

Sorry again for the delay, I promise it will get better soon. I hope this was at least a tish interesting to read, and I promise to have better stuff soon (like writing prompts with ridiculous stuff in them :)) Thanks for reading!



My First Kinda-Normal Post

Hiya! Sorry for the delay, life has been overwhelming lately, with Christmas break coming up and preparing for finals after. The good new is, the end is in sight! Just a couple weeks more and the next semester will be underway.

So I’ve decided to do a 30-day writing prompt that I made by taking bits and pieces from others I’ve seen. I’ll probably post one every couple days or weekly, with exception the first and second week in January (finals). This way, you’ll be able to get to know stuff about me, even though some of it is kinda random (which pretty much sums me up:)

Let’s get to it.

Day 1: Write 15 interesting facts about yourself.

  1. I was born in Tokyo, Japan along with my sister, because my dad was in the air force.
  2. My favorite movie is ‘Hello, Dolly!’. The first time I saw it was the summer before last, and it was so weird because the music number ‘Put on your Sunday Clothes’ suddenly started. I had a whole mental crisis moment, because I had never seen the movie, but the song was so familiar. Turns out it was the opening song of ‘Wall-E’. Both movies are so good!
  3. I like dogs and cats equally, just in different ways. Cats are more suited to my personality and how I am, so I’ll prolly have a cat when I’m an adult.
  4. My favorite place in the world is Storybook Lodge in Minnesota.
  5. I’m very quiet at first, but once I’m comfortable around you I’m really energetic. I’m really awesome too, according to my friends 😉
  6. I went to public school for 5th, 8th and now 9th grade, and I’m going for the rest of high school. (8th grade I thought having a locker was really cool, since I’d never had one before).
  7. I learned how to play ‘Million Reasons’ by Lady Gaga on the piano (being one of her more chill songs). I also know how to play Cold from RWBY and Lean on Me.
  8. I am really good at dodge ball – but only the dodging. I’m almost always the last person left on my team because I hang in the back and give them the balls, but once it’s only me left I wait until I can catch one to get a team member who can actually throw back in.
  9. My nickname is Evilyn, and I will respond to it if you regularly call me that.
  10. My favorite holiday is Christmas (four days!!!) It’s great because we always have snow (being in North Dakota). Actually, this winter has been remarkably warm. Last week it was 40 degrees, and it only truly snowed and stuck today.
  11. I love musicals. Mainly older ones like Singing in the Rain or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but I like some more recent ones like The Greatest Showman or Newsies (broadway musical version)
  12. I’m really good at MarioKart Double Dash on the Gamecube. I can beat both my older brothers who are (or were) the family MarioKart masters.
  13. My hobbies include reading, writing, crochet and singing. I’m a big Pinterest fan too.
  14. My favorite bands are Queen and Abba (I’m listening to Abba as I write this:)
  15. My favorite color is green, and my favorite season is summer, because everything is so pretty out and I can actually go outside. Plus that’s the season camp is in!

I hope these are at least a bit interesting, and that it helps you get to know me some. I thought it would be good to start simple with random facts. Thanks for reading!

Let The Adventure Begin!

Hiya, I’m Evelyn! Welcome to my blog!

To start off, I’ll share a bit about myself. I’m a freshman in Minot, North Dakota, where I’ve lived for the past four years. I’m the youngest of four in a military family (which is why we moved to the frigid tundra that is this state).                                                                       I started a blog to have a public place to share stories, ideas and thoughts. I hope that it can help me become a better writer and that y’all enjoy it. This is my first time blogging, so I’m still getting the hang of it. I’ll probably post once a week, depending on how busy I am (high school is no joke!).

I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with you!

   A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step

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